Any hack takes time and space to put together.   The surfncircuits lab is no different.   My last project started out as an idea and ended up taking over the whole kitchen table.

Kitchen table after working on household battery project 

And while it is fun to think about a super portable compact lab,    The reality is hack projects need space.    The kitchen table is a great catch-all location,  but SurfnCircuits really needs a lab!   Not everyone in my family appreciates looking at kook electronic parts while eating.   🙂

So with a better lab space as the goal ,  what is the optimal  space requirement?    There is one universal law of physics that we must keep in mind


A hack project will fill up any space provided.

The photo above is one simple example of this law for the simple cell phone charging hack.    With the law defined, what are the items needed and space required for the lab bench when building a project?

  1.  A laptop, smart phone and/or desktop computer.!   (12″x18″)

  2.  A power supply :  (8″x8″x15″)

  3.  Oscilloscope (18″x 9″ x 9″)

  4.  Multimeter.   (3″x6″x2″)

  5.  Wire cutters, strippers, soldering iron, tools     (12″x12″)

  6.  Schematics and notes.  (18″x18″)

  7.  Solder/solderless breadboard.  (24″ x 18″)

The result is that the smallest space we need is three square feet of space.    However I want a little more room to have a couple of projects going at the same time.    I’m thinking a lab bench that is 24-30 inches  deep and 36-48 inches wide will be perfect.      Now I need to find the space in the house!

I’m guessing I’ll find the space in the garage…..

Let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter.

SurfnCircuits needs a Lab!  🙂