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We have used ACCULUX BMW Glovebox Flashlight(s) for sale  (BMW part number: 82-11-9-413-147).     These flashlights have been fully serviced with new batteries and bulb and have had the longer lifetime retrofit installed to ensure the batteries last.

The flashlight was serviced according to the steps illustrated in  Teardown and Repair of the Simply Designed BMW E36 Glovebox Flashlight.  They have also been cleaned and had corrosion removed that builds onto the brass/copper when the battery leaks and not replaced for a long time.    In addition to the repairs outlined in the Basic Service, the flashlights also have an extended lifetime service as described in the Hacking a 1996 BWM E36 Flashlight for Longer Lifetime.  This includes a small additional circuit board (see an example of the internal retrofit in the picture below) that will shunt off current from the battery once it is has been charged.

A three year warranty is provided from from date of purchase on the flashlight.

The fully assembled flashlight images are of the actual used flashlight for sale.   Let us know if you have any questions (info@surfncircuits.com).

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