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Nixie Bar Graph Hat

Easily add a Nixie Bar Graph display to your next project:    This Nixie Bar Graph Display hat for the Raspberry Pi simplifies your setup to use they retro looking displays for audio VU meters, temperature monitors, or water level sensor displays.      As discussed in the two blog entries (https://surfncircuits.com/2019/02/16/help-design-a-linear-nixie-tube-hat-for-the-raspberry-pi-part-1/ and https://surfncircuits.com/2019/10/06/finishing-the-in-9-in-13-nixie-tube-driver-for-the-raspberry-pi-part-2/) , the hat can drive up to two Nixie bar graph displays (i.e. IN-9 / IN-13) and has an additional dimming function to improve performance under rapid Nixie bar graph display driving conditions.   It has a supply connector to power both the Hat and the Raspberry Pi and the pin-out matches the 5v to 170v Nixie Power Supply to simplify connections.   In addition, all the connections to the Raspberry Pi have alternative connections in case the pins are already used to simplify adding to a project that just needs a cool nixie display (i.e. I used this for the espresso maker in the blog: https://surfncircuits.com/2021/09/03/an-espresso-maker-that-knows-when-you-want-some/ )


Connection and Setup:


Pin connections to the Raspberry Pi:

Each Raspberry Pi signal connection has an alternative backup to the hat using a set of resistor connections.  The original resistor connections have a 0 ohm or 1k resistor value and the alternative resistor connection shows and Not Used (NU) value.

System Setup:

A complete system can be built with a 5v to 170v Nixie Power Supply and Raspberry Pi:

Nixie Bar Graph Hat with Nixie Power Supply, Raspberry Pi, IN-9, and IN-13 Display

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65mm x 35mm