Wow,  I just received my first ever new surfboard!!    It is a custom designed 6’2″, 19 1/2″ wide and 2 9/16″ thick Chilli Surfboard based on the Nevada model.  I can’t wait to check it out in the water.

While I’ve surfed for more than 12 years, this is my first new short board.  My usual method was to find a decent dimensioned board in Craigs List.  The price is usually right, but I don’t normally get a board to my desired dimensions.  Not that I’m an expert or anything, but it should be much better.  My last board was probably shaped for a girl.  It had a pink logo on it and the foam volume was tiny.  I had a lot of good workouts getting into waves during the smaller days at Upper Trestles.

For my new board, the custom part was easy.   Chilli Surfboards have a nice web application that took me through the whole process.    The cool thing was that I got to name the design which is hand written on the stinger.   Of course, my custom name is “Surf and Circuits 1”.

Design Name and QR code

Chilli also has a CR Code glassed next to the stinger that displays all the details of the design.   Nice seeing this new high-tech in the surf industry.

Chilli Surfboard are shaped by Jamie Cheal and is a growing brand out of Australia.   My board came out of their new factory in Bali.   I’ll keep you posted how my first surf goes.