Repair and upgrade your BMW Glovebox Flashlight to last. (updated Dec 2022)

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Do you need help repairing your white ACCULUX BMW glovebox flashlight (BMW part number: 82-11-9-413-147)?  While we have instructions to do this yourself, it may not be for everyone. To help everyone, we offer a full BMW glovebox repair and lifetime upgrade.  If you have a BMW glovebox flashlight that looks like the picture above, we can help you.     If you have started to perform you own repair, but then decided you would rather we finish the repair, we can also help.   Just be sure to include all the dissembled parts in your shipment.      Here is what the service provides:

Basic Service:

1.  It is not surprising your flashlight does not work, since the batteries were designed to last only 5 years due to the simple BMW design.    This service will replace the rechargeable batteries according to the steps illustrated in Teardown and Repair of the Simply Designed BMW E36 Glovebox Flashlight.  We will also clean and remove corrosion that builds onto the brass/copper when the battery leaks and not replaced for a long time.    A six month warranty is provided.

Extended Lifetime Service

2.  In addition to the repairs outlined in the Basic Service, the Extended Lifetime service increases the lifetime of the new batteries by upgrading the internal circuitry of the flashlight as described in the Hacking a 1996 BWM E36 Flashlight for Longer Lifetime.  This includes a small additional circuit board (see picture below) that will shunt off current from the battery once it is has been charged.  A three year warranty is provided from the returned data.

Service Time:

3. The Normal service time is less than 2 weeks.  We also offer an express service that will ship the repaired flashlight within 1 week of receiving it.

Both Services will then Perform:

4. An extended discharge and recharge verifying and documenting the repair.  Pictures are taken of the unit before and after repaired.

When you are ready, please order the service above and here is what to expect next:

  1. The order price will ask for a shipping method.  This is the shipping cost of returning the flashlight to you after the repair.   You can choose how quickly it will be returned
  2. Ship your flashlight to be repaired to surfncircuits.com with the address provided in your invoice.
  3. You will receive an email when we receive the flashlight
  4. Emails updates will be provide during the repair
  5. When it is repaired, the flashlight will be shipped to you.

Please send any questions you have to info@surfncircuits.com

Hi, this is Mark from surfncircuits,

We are glad to still offer this E36 flashlight repair service in 2022, 2023 and beyond. Thank you for visiting this page and we hope you doing well.


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Repair Service

Basic, Extended Lifetime


Normal (<2 weeks), Express (<1 weeks)