The Surf Checker Skill , written for the Amazon Echo, is getting more intelligent.   Now most California and Maui surf spots reports are available along with the water temperatures.

For example,  Just say:

“Alexa, Ask Surf Checker for the water temperature at Salt Creek.”

During a session with the Surf Checker, it will remember your last surf spot request so you can shorten your requests.   For example:

“Alexa, Ask Surf Checker for Huntington State Beach”

The skill will provide the surf report for Huntington state beach and remember this spot. then when you say one of the following:

“What is the water Temp”

“What is the tide report”

“When is the best day to surf”

Alexa will use the Huntington State Beach as the surf spot.  To override this, you just need to reference another surf spot name.

The water temperature uses data from the tide prediction site.   The updated code for the Surf Checker is available on Github .  You can even help add more surf spots.  Just update the surfspot.csv file with more surf spot information and ask for a pull request.

The complete list of California and Maui Surf Spots along with a Video is available in this Post:

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And you see how I initially created the skill at:

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