Not every day do you find a Vizio XVT473SV 47inch LCD tv on the side of the road.    The chances of it working weren’t looked great, especially since I found the back of the TV disassembled.      However, the boards and components seemed to be mostly in tack, and the screen was in one piece, unscratched and leaning on a couch, also on the side of the road.    I put the TV into my car, hoping for the best and making the road a little less cluttered. 🙂  When I plugged it in, only the Orange Vizio TV emblem was lighting, but it would not turn on.   In the video below, I describe what steps I took to bring this TV back to life.


Pictures From repair:


Back of TV from left to Right:  BackLight Driver, Power Supply, Video Processor, Main Processor
Main Processor
TV with the Orange Vizio Light Showing


Back Panel and Serial Number of Vizio TV



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