blockdiagramA simple Raspberry Pi powered lawn light controller

Never have dark outside lighting again!!!
LawnConnect automatically controls and monitors your lawn lights and lets you know when something is wrong


  1. Automatically Turns on Lights at Sunset using 15Amp/250v Relay
  2. Turns off lights a random time 6-9 hours later
  3. A Web Interface for monitoring and manual turning on and off lights
  4. Detects when a Light has burnt out using MCP3008 10Bit 8 Channel ADC
  5. Sends text messages when a light is out.
  6. Accounts for daylight savings time

Latest Updates:

15 Oct 2016: The calibrate button on the web page is now functional.


Have you ever went outside and noticed one or maybe all your lawn lights were burnt out? This happened to me a little while ago. I went outside at night and noticed all 12 of my lawnscape lights were burnt out. Instead of being better at inspecting my yard at night, I decided there had to be a better way and a perfect project for the Raspberry Pi. This Raspberry Pi project is a simple solution that will ensure you have complete control of your lights, even when you aren’t around. Try this simple but powerful internet of things project using the Raspberry pi.

The Rasberry pi will control all the turn on and off of lights and will continually monitor the system power to determine if a light is not working. On the event a light is not working or burnt out, a text message will be sent to the phone number of your choice telling you of the problem.

Through a simple web application, you can remotely monitor the status and control the turn on and off of the system. Otherwise, the Raspberry pi will turn on your lights exactly at sunset each night and will turn them off a random time between 6 and 9 hours later.

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