In my last post, Creating the “Surf Checker”. An Amazon Echo Skill, I introduced the Surf Checker, an Amazon Echo Skill that can give you the surf report.  It now has some new features, the TIDE report and the BEST DAY TO SURF Report.

Now even easier to use, the skill can now give you a tide report for many southern California surf spots and let you know when the best day to surf is.


Here are other example commands you can try:

  • “Alexa, Ask Surf Checker for Salt Creek on Tuesday”
  • “Alexa, Ask Surf Checker when is the best day to surf Lowers”
  • “Alexa, Ask Surf Checker what is the tide report for Huntington State Beach”

After you received a report in a session, it remembers your spot and you can shorten your next report requests.    For examples:

  • “What it the tide report”
  • “When is the best day to surf”

The surf spot list is growing.    Here are the spots the Surf Checker understands now:

Lowers, Uppers, Old Man’s, The Point, Salt Creek, Doheny, Huntington beach pier, Huntington State Beach, Seal Beach, Bolsa Chica, The Wedge, Newport Point, 56st, The wedge, Golden West, Bolsa Chica, Blackies, Newport Point, Oceanside Harbor, Oceanside Pier

Are you looking for a particular surf spot that is not in the list above?  You can help, by adding the surf spot yourself directly to the code in the  Github repository for this skill.    The “” file lists all the surf spots currently supported and describes how to add additional spots.   Send me a note below if you have any questions.  I would love to extend this skill to all the surf spots around the world.  Your help can make it happen faster.

If you want to be a beta tester for additional features, please leave me a note below.

Have a nice Day!